We are NeuroTribe UK! An Empowerment Organization which provides counselling and therapy practice for neurodiverse children, young people and families, and Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy to business and arts education.

We see Neurodiversity as a unique gift, and understand the challenges faced by neurodiverse children, young people and their families in a neurotypical world.

Neurotribe UK is led by parents of neurodiverse children.

Being an SEND parent can be a wonderful, but often extremely challenging experience. Just as it can be for a child or young person on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia or sensory impairments. The scale of the battles in the playground, the classroom or the school office can seem too much sometimes. We often find it difficult, while we're advocating for our children, to look after ourselves and our relationships. Siblings without SEND can often feel left behind to cope. We have to deal with many professionals and a constant flow of complex admin related to EHCP applications, tribunals, benefits, assessments and appointments. With a lack of short breaks available, keeping up with work commitments or progressing in our careers can become difficult. There are feelings of guilt, anxiety and overwhelm to process. And between school avoidance and all the appointments and meetings, it can take its financial toll too, leading to extra stressors for our families.

We know each child and each family is unique. But we hope that as professionals we can understand many of the challenges, because we have lived them...


We provide two services: therapy services for children, young people, families and adults with SEND (see below), and Consultancy for business and arts education. You can find out about our Consultancy work here.

Our therapy services are suitable for children and young people aged 5-25 years old, parents/ carers of children with SEND, and siblings (both neurodiverse and neurotypical) . Our practitioners provide person-centred Counselling, talking therapies and Arts Psychotherapy, for your child, young person or yourself. We also provide parent and child therapy, and therapeutic support for professionals (for example Teachers, SENCOs and Therapists) working with children and families with SEND. We run art therapy groups (see our picture below), and individual therapy.














Your child does not need a diagnosis to access our services, and our services are offered on a sliding scale.

We can help you or your child with the following issues and more:

* Childhood Trauma

* The stresses and strains of advocating for an SEND child,

* Transitions from primary to secondary school

* Transitions from secondary school to further and higher education

* Transitions to independence

* School bullying issues & Anxiety

* Self harm and suicidal thoughts

* Suicide Grief

* Depression and low self-esteem

* The anxieties of choosing a school for your child,

* Worries around whether or not to seek diagnosis

* Relational issues with your child or young person

* 'Well Sibling Syndrome'

* The complex feelings you can have when your child is diagnosed,

* Nightmares and night terrors

* Pre and Postnatal Depression and anxiety

* Addictions and SEND

* Eating Disorders

* Burn Out and Finding time and space for yourself.

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Also, Neurotribe UK  is a Social Enterprise! This means you can rest assured that at least 65% of our profits goes towards funding low cost services to families who can't afford it. In other words, your money always goes back to the tribe.



Wow, just wow.  A very, very personal, professional service.


No one dropped out of the 4-week project – a real achievement given some of the intense needs of the group...We don’t believe we would have achieved this success rate without Neurotribe's expertise...



It was an extraordinary experience full of acceptance in different ages and abilities environment. At first Austin was anxious to take a part in this project, but he really enjoyed his time and he's talking all the time about “drama club”. His confidence grew and I was amazed

(Austin took part in our therapeutic workshop in October)


Are you a parent coping with the unique demands of advocating for your child? Or a practitioner seeking clinical supervision? Contact us today and see how we can help.


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We do not share information with unnecessary third parties and you will not receive any uninvited communications from other organisations for marketing purposes.

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