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Creative path

Creative Reflective Practice Groups for Helping Professionals

Creative Path is a bi-weekly online creative CPD group for therapists, mental health and SEND professionals. It takes place over 12 sessions. Guided by experienced and qualified Arts Psychotherapists Jan Hall (NeuroTribe UK) and Delphine Spencer (Calm Waters), you will re-discover your innate creativity as a source of resilience, selfcare and reflective practice.


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The words "Behind The Mask" next to a picture of a carnival mask.

Anonymous voices, invaluable stories.


Britain Behind the Mask is an ongoing creative wellbeing project using storytelling, mask-making and visual arts to give voices to those whose voices have been silenced and marginalised.

Britain Behind the Mask is a flagship collaboration between NeuroTribe UK and Open Words UK.

We deliver paid CPD for Therapists and Creative Arts professionals at organizations such as Dramatherapy South West. These paid-for sessions support our free and lowcost workshops with marginalised communities.


You can find out more about the project, our partners, how your organization can get involved, donate to this project, and contact our organizers through our dedicated website at: www.britainbehindthemask.com. Or check out the video (see left hand column).


Amanda- Therapist & Creative Path Participant

The course has become something I very much look forward to, as a haven for self reflection, connection and joy, in addition to learning and growing. I have grown less self conscious about what I can produce creatively, as there is never any pressure to share- only encouragement to use the exercises and the space to understand ourselves more. I'm very grateful for the nurturing space that the facilitators have created for us as attendees, both in the guided workshops and in the support they provide

Max- Therapist & Creative Path Participant

I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops as it gives me time to reflect, relax and focus on me.  The course directors are engaging, sensitive and my views and thoughts are listened to and I leave the sessions feeling lighter and positive,  There are times when through artwork I have to expose my vulnerabilities and fears but I feel extremely safe in my group where all the members are caring and understanding,  I would highly recommend this workshop for therapists and counsellors alike as it is refreshing to have a place to go where you can take off your armour and just feel safe.

Sheree- Therapist & Creative Path Participant

The tasks are varied and stimulating and provide a supportive platform for me to journey within myself. The group dynamics work because I can feel that I can be myself within the group and not be judged or cast out. There is a perfect balance of seriousness and fun and laughter.  Even though at times we might be exploring difficult issues and delving into triggering situations and trauma maybe, with you two at the helm it feels safe to do so.


I find the space full of women of colour inspiring and very much needed. I strive and thrive to have more spaces like this where we can let down our load/ burdens and know we will be held and supported and loved.


Thank you for creating this space of exploration, creativity and wisdom.