"Educational,fulfilling, and incredibly engaging..."

Vice Principal- Performance Preparation Academy, Guildford

"We don't believe we would have achieved this success without this expertise..."

Executive Director, Lewisham Youth Theatre, London




We know, and the evidence supports, that attracting and retaining the most diverse talent to your arts organization is key to becoming, or remaining competitive.

While diversity is a crucial key performance indicator, it is Inclusion that produces the fertile soil from which diversity can grow.

Organizations often come to us having been alerted to issues relating to inclusion by problem behaviours within the college, high staff turnover, or issues retaining more vulnerable participants.

They also frequently come to us having none of these issues, but with a strong desire and ambition to become increasingly competitive, and a recognition of the benefits of diversity to their organization.

Often, key to creating a truly inclusive environment is identifying organizational issues around transparency, accountability and confidentiality. These key competencies are the heart of therapeutic work too: the arts psychotherapy training, professional and personal skills and experience of the NeuroTribe UK team uniquely places us in the position to guide leadership and senior management teams in arts education companies and arts organizations towards authentic inclusion.

Right from first contact to completion, we work alongside organizations to identify their barriers to inclusion (and where appropriate, compliance with equality and related law) and address these strategically and operationally through evidence-based recommendations and whole-organization interventions. Beneath is just some of the work we have undertaken so far:

  • In-depth audit of disability and mental health provision and evidence-based recommendations, including gaps in skills and knowledge,

  • Design and delivery of creative, engaging experiential Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training to faculty and senior management to fill those gaps

  • Executive coaching and training of Senior Management teams in the areas of Inclusion, Safeguarding and Ethical Decision-making

  • Advising on the subtle but powerfully effective adjustment of arts activities to be fully inclusive to neurodiverse and neurotypical participants (and co-delivering such projects where appropriate)

  • Initiating, training and installing Safeguarding teams,

  • Initiating, training and installing whole-organization suicide prevention strategies,

  • Acting as Disability and Mental Health Lead in organizations to get in-depth insights into challenges, set new standards, and provide interim educational and mental health support to students,

  • Inclusion and Safeguarding, and managing change during Covid-19.

The needs of every organization are unique. Our journey together begins with an initial consultation meeting. We then quote for our services based on your goals and needs. Our tailored consultation process is phased, enabling you to decide whether and how much strategic or operational support you want as the process evolves.

For an informal discussion about your plans, and pricing Contact Us , or call us on:

01260 541110


"No one dropped out of the project – a real achievement given some of the intense needs of the group. We absolutely believe that this retention level is related to NeuroTribe's presence on the project. 70% of participants went on to take part in other LYT projects, and many have now moved on to further education and employment. We don’t believe we would have achieved this success rate without this expertise and support for the mental health and well-being of the group."

Victoria Shaskan, Executive Director, Lewisham Youth Theatre

"First of all I just want to say a huge huge huge huge thank you for really helping the college to evolve and understand what a hidden disability is in multiple formats. 


Thanks to you, I have started to really grow up, mature, slowly start to overcome my introverted nature and begin to train my brain in multiple formats that I can use going forward with my training and future endeavours."

Alex, Student at Performance Preparation Academy, Guildford

"I have recently completed 2 NTUK training courses and found both to be educational, fulfilling and incredibly engaging. These courses were part of an ongoing incentive at our Performing Arts College to raise the awareness of Neurodiversty, Inclusivity and Diversity.

Kyra our trainer was empathetic and sensitive to all members of the faculty who displayed varying levels of understanding and knowledge in this area, her training was itself inclusive. Kyra’s technique was a perfect match for our institution drawing on creative and imaginative ways to deliver the information and capture the attention of all attendees.

Myself and my collegues came away from both sessions completely satisfied and confident that the information had sunk in without being forced. Kyra is very approachable, flexible and understanding I wouldn’t hesitate to engage her as a trainer again."

A Lowde, Vice Principal, Performance Preparation Academy, Guildford

"Huge thankyou for helping the college to evolve and understand what a hidden disability is in multiple formats..."

Student- Performance Preparation Academy, Guildford

Surrey & London- 01260 541110

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